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Welcome from Christchurch, New Zealand. Aotearoa, (Land of the Long White Cloud).
About The Scott Families Tree - Scott's from Co. Londonderry, Ireland. + Halligan, Unwin, Woolcock & more
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In November 1873 the following appeared in the Union Chronical in England. "Not a labourer in England but should rush from the old doomed country to such a paradise in New Zealand. A GOOD LAND. A LAND OF OIL, OLIVES, AND HONEY - A LAND WHERE THOU MAY'ST EAT BREAD WITHOUT SCARCENESS - Away, then, farm labourer's, away. New Zealand is the land for you." And they came to New Zealand. Half way around the world in a sailing ship. From Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. A long dangerous sea voyage in cramped conditions. A voyage that could take up to 120 days. Little chance of rescue in remote areas. They came to make their home in a new country on the other side of the world. This family history site traces the migration of persons in the Scott Family Tree from Ireland, Essex, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Wiltshire and other places, to New Zealand, and what is known of their ancestors and relations in their home country. Immigrants during the 1800's include Scott, Halligan, Robinson, Garvin and Dillon individuals and families from Northern Ireland. Woolcock, White, Dennis and Martyn's from Cornwall. Unwin's from Essex. Going's from Buckinghamshire. Vickers from Kettering, Northhampshire, Scott's/Cott's from Somerset/Wiltshire. Blomfield's from Suffolk and Essex. Ball, Homes, Harris, Nuttall from England and others shown in the index.. The earliest settlers, as in the Scott Families Tree, arrived 1850, with the majority during the period 1865 to about 1880. Canterbury and Otago were the most popular destination points in that period for the Scott Families Tree immigrants. Lyttelton, the Port for Christchurch, Canterbury. Dunedin or Port Chalmers the Ports for Otago. The SCOTT FAMILIES tree is made up from data for which every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. However mistakes can occur. Please let me know, via the Tribalpages message link in the home page opening paragraph, if you find errors or can add to this tree. By all means take information from this tree but do your own research as well. PHOTO ALBUMS. There are numerous photo albums in this site. Scott and related families and ancestors photo's. Newspaper articles, sport, school, garden, wills, Christchurch earthquake and other photo's. There is an album of New Zealand scenic photo's taken over the years when the administrator of this site and his family were on holiday. The scenery must surely encourage anyone to visit New Zealand. To view the albums go to the heading "MEDIA" > "photo's and click on index. BACK TO TOP
The SCOTT's of Drumenagh and Ballyronan, County Londonderry, Ireland, have lived in the area from the early 1700's and probably from the 1600's. The following SCOTT names appear in the Artrea Parish, Religious Census for 1766. - William, Ballygruby; Edward, Benjamin & John, Ballyronan More; George (twice), John, William, Drumenagh; John, Moneymore and William, Magherafelt. Others of interest are Daniel KIDD and James GLOVER, Artrea Parish, Moneymore. WRIGHT's William, Ballygruby; Edward, Benjamin & John, Ballyronan More; George (twice), John, William, Drumenagh; John, Moneymore and William, Magherafelt. Others of interest are Daniel KIDD and James GLOVER, Artrea Parish, Moneymore. WRIGHT's - John, Ballymaquigan; Robert & Robert Jnr, Ballyronan Beg & More; George, Magherafelt. William SANDYS, Artrea, Ballymaquiqan; James SANDYS, Artrea Parish, Ballyronan Beg & More. Hugh, Jane (widow), Richard and Robert GARVEN (Garvin ?) Moneymore. The name John SCOTT is listed three times in the Artrea Parish 1740 Protestant Householders Return. Other names of interest in that return are, James & Brice GARVIN, Magherafelt; John KIDD and James SANDS (twice). Unfortunately sufficient information is not available from the 1740 Protestant Householders Return and the 1766 Religious Census to accurately link persons in these returns with the earliest names in the Tribalpages Scott Families Tree. However they are worth listing for future research purposes. 1901 CENSUS of LONDONDERRY. There were thirty seven houses in Drumenagh listed in the 1901 Census of Co. Londonderry. Scott's were resident in nine of the thirty seven houses. Of note are the households of William, Robert, Andrew, Johnston, Benjamin and Thomas. The following is a list of Scott's (Farmers) in the 1918 Directory for the Magherafelt, Drumenagh, Bellagherty areas - Alexander, Drumenagh. Andrew, Leckagh. Benjamin jnr., Drumenagh. George, Ballynagarve. Isaac, Drumenagh. Isaac jnr. Drumanagh. James Alexander, Bellagherty. John, Bellagherty. John, Ballymulderg. Johnston, Drumenagh. Robert, Drumenagh. Samuel, Ballyronan More. Thomas, Drumenagh. William, Drumenagh. Our records show that since HUMPHREY SCOTT from Drumenagh, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, married ESTHER SANDS in 1834, there have been four generations of his descendants where a SCOTT married a person with the same surname. In addition there are several other Scott families from the Ballyronan and Drumenagh districts where a Scott married a Scott. A family history researcher's nightmare. For example try researching the following - George SCOTT born 1808 married Mary Jane Orr (now a SCOTT). Their son George SCOTT married Mary Jane Bruce (now a SCOTT). George and Mary Jane SCOTT (nee Orr) also had a daughter Rebecca Anne SCOTT who married Johnston SCOTT who had a son Alexander SCOTT who married Marion Davidson SCOTT who was the sister of George Walter SCOTT who married Rachel SCOTT. Rachel SCOTT's father William SCOTT had married Sarah Anne SCOTT. William's sister, also a Sarah Anne SCOTT, married Benjamin SCOTT. Rachel's niece Margaret EA SCOTT married Alan B Scott and Rachel's grand daughter Raewyn SCOTT married Peter SCOTT (since dev.). IRISH SCOTT's IN NEW ZEALAND Among the Scott's in New Zealand, listed in this site are several descendants of HUMPHREY and Esther (nee Sands) SCOTT and ISAAC and Margaret (nee Berryman) SCOTT. RACHEL SCOTT, (granddaughter of HUMPHREY), married GEORGE WALTER SCOTT (g. grandson of ISAAC) in New Zealand. MARGARET ELIZABETH ANN SCOTT a g. grand daughter of HUMPHREY SCOTT married ALAN BRANSTON SCOTT, in Christchurch New Zealand. RAEWYN SCOTT a g. g grand daughter of HUMPHREY SCOTT married PETER SCOTT in New Zealand. (since divorced GEORGE WALTER SCOTT and RACHEL SCOTT emigrated to New Zealand 1912 followed in 1926 by RACHEL's brother, JAMES ALEXANDER SCOTT (son of WILLIAM and father of MARGARET ELIZABETH ANN SCOTT). JAMES first cousins, ANNIE MARY SCOTT, born Bellagherty, County Derry, Northern Ireland, also emigrated to New Zealand and married Albert Bull. ANNIE's sister RACHEL ELIZABETH SCOTT married WILLIAM PURVIS, also, in New Zealand. Three son's and two daughters of HUMPHREY came to New Zealand. The daughters were Elizabeth (b abt. 1853) who married Hector Roulston in Milton, Otago in 1884, and, Jane who had married Thomas Brown before emigrating. The sons were THOMAS JAMES, Waitahuna, (near Milton) Otago. HENRY HUMPHREY (Milton, Otago) and DAVID (Dunedin). David was later killed in a railway accident. DAVID was the father of ERNEST HUMPHREY SCOTT of SCOTT RADIO, USA. ERNEST was born in Dunedin. He spent some time between Australia and New Zealand and served in Europe during World War I. He then moved to the USA where he set up Scott Radio, and was a leader in the development of long range reception on the broadcast band. Ernest also invented the Telecator for locating trouble in automotive engines and a radio receiver for ships that prevented German submarines detecting the ships radio signals beyond 25 feet away. http://www.otrcat.com/memories-and-recollections-classic-1930s-radio- receiver.html LINK TO ERNEST HENRY HUMPHREY SCOTT's PAGE http://am scott.tribalpages.com/tribe/browselastname=Scott&pid=932&gender=male&userid=amscott& view=0&bview=22 A daughter of HENRY HUMPHREY SCOTT; MARGARET DAVINA SCOTT born New Zealand 1896, married JAMES ALEXANDER McLEAN ROY (World War 1, MC and Bar). JAMES ROY was a long term Member of Parliament in NZ for the National Party, from 1935 - 1960. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Roy_(politician) http://www.armymuseum.co.nz/medals/worn-with- pride/james-alexander-mclean-roy-mc-and-bar-1893-1971/ Two sons of HENRY HUMPHREY SCOTT; WILLIAM HUMPHREY SCOTT and GEORGE CAMPBELL SCOTT, are listed in the New Zealand Services World War 1 Roll of Honour. Both son's of HENRY HUMPHREY died in France during the war. WILLIAM HUMPHREY SCOTT served in France in the NZ Army Tunneling Company. He died of bronchial pneumonia. Life underground, digging tunnels under enemy lines, in wet, cold, cramped conditions made miners prone to illness with high mortality rates. THOMAS JAMES SCOTT, born 1837, son of Humphrey, came to New Zealand via Bendigo, Victoria, Australia where he married. The family was in New Zealand after 1864 and lived in the Waitahuna area, Otago. In New Zealand, some of the families into which IRISH SCOTT's and descendants, as in The Scott Families Tree, married are as follows: BULL, CAMPBELL, DAWSON, DAY, DODDS, JOHNSTON, MAYERS, MacLACHLAN, McINTOSH, NICHOLLS, NUTTALL, PURVIS, ROULSTON, ROY, SCOTT, STEPHENS, SULLIVAN.
The first recorded HALLIGAN in this tree is JAMES, born Richhill, County Armagh, about 1797. A grandson, SAMUEL, emigrated to New Zealand in 1874. SAMUEL's brother JOHN followed in 1876 and two sisters, SARAH and FRANCES (FANNY) in 1884. JOHN HALLIGAN married MARGARET JANE ROBINSON . They had eleven children. JOHN HALLIGAN was nineteen years of age when he emigrated in 1876. MARGARET JANE ROBERTSON was born at sea on the sailing ship 'Echunga" in 1862, following her parents emigration from Cootehill, County Cavan, Ireland. MARGARET JANE ROBINSON, when she reached working age, was employed by Sir Arthur Dudley Dobson as a servant in his household. Sir Arthur Dobson was an early explorer and surveyor in the Canterbury area. Following their marriage JOHN and MARGARET lived in Christchurch while their first seven children were born. They then moved to Belfast, north of Christchurch. Belfast is now a suburb of Christchurch City. Their remaining four children were born in Belfast Gavin Gray a descendant of JOHN HALLIGAN wrote in his history of the Halligan families "By Dint of Hard Labour": "Right through his life John was never out of work, being employed by the Canterbury Frozen Meat Company (CFM) as a bacon-curer. Initially he had tried to start his own bacon factory in Belfast but the CFM took him over. He worked right up to his death." (age 74). John and Margaret's family - HAZEL (Queenie) married James (Jim) Farquhar a farmer in North Canterbury. SARAH unfortunately died in the first year after birth. MYRTLE MAY married Eric Gray who was at one time the Mayor and a Borough Councilor of Kaiapoi. In 1949 he opened what what was probably the first "supermarket" type grocery shop in North Canterbury. ROBERT (Bob) had a coal yard in Belfast known as Brown & Halligan. WALTER was a junior 100 yards record holder at age 16/17 but was severely wounded in WW1. JAMES (Jim) had a drapery business in Belfast from about 1910-1961. He married Florence Pepperell another shop owner in Belfast. ALBERT (Bert) was a qualified pharmacist and established a Pharmacy in Barbadoes Street, St Albans, Christchurch. FRANCIS (Frank) owned a menswear store in TeAroa from 1916 to 1954. He expanded into sports wear and equipment. MURIEL MARGARET married James Alexander Scott from Northern Ireland. WILLIAM jOHN was employed by NZ Railways in Wellington. ELIZABETH HALLIGAN never married. She was the first born followed by six boys. As she grew up she worked in the Halligan household looking after the younger children and assisting her parents in the house. Descendants of John and Margaret Jane (nee Robinson) Halligan married into families including GRAY, FARQUHAR, FORREST, JOHNSTON, LYFORD, NICHOLAS, PATTERSON, PEPPERELL, PRICE, SCOTT, SULLIVAN, WILSON. Some of the information, and, names and details of the HALLIGAN family in the SCOTT FAMILY TREE were compiled and kindly supplied by the late GAVIN M GRAY, a grandson of JOHN HALLIGAN. GAVIN McCULLOCH GRAY: MBE. JP. E.D. Lt. Col. WW2; was awarded the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 1962. BACK TO TOP
John Robinson and his wife Eliza came to New Zealand on the 'Echunga' together with 4 of their children plus one, Margaret Jane Robinson, born on board. The ship arrived at Port Lyttelton on 24th December 1862 after sailing from London 2 September 1862. There were 332 immigrants for Timaru and Lyttelton. At Timaru it was discovered that no provision had been made for their arrival. Barracks for their acomodation had only just been started. The first lot of passengers were unloaded in pouring rain and had no shelter. A number of immigrants refused to land and insisted on being taken on to Lyttelton as their contract tickets were made out for Canterbury and did not state they must land at Timaru. One of John and Eliza's sons, William, a twin did not accompany them on the trip but followed later. Two more children were born in New Zealand. Margaret Jane Robinson who was born on board the "Echunga" married John Halligan and they had 11 children. John and Eliza Robinson's children married into the following families in New Zealand - BUCKNELL, FROST, HALLIGAN, HARPER, LATTIMER, McGILL, NELSON and WILSON. ROBINSON/HALLIGAN link with WILSON's ex "CHARLOTTE JANE". MONICA LILLIAN HALLIGAN a granddaughter of JOHN and MARGARET JANE (nee Robinson) HALLIGAN married STANLEY MICHAEL WILSON a grandson of ROBERT and MARGARET WILSON. ROBERT and MARGARET together with three children, SAMUEL, SARAH and THOMAS, emigrated to New Zealand on the "Charlotte Jane", the first ship to arrive Port Lyttelton, 1850, in the Church of England's original organized settlement of Christchurch. STANLEY MICHAEL WILSON's sister, MYRTLE EFFIE SARAH WILSON married SAMUEL GEORGE FARQUHAR whose son ALAN FARQUHAR married YVONNE BERYL GRAY a grand daughter of JOHN HALLIGAN. The late GAVIN M GRAY who supplied some of the HALLIGAN family history was also responsible for compiling part of the ROBINSON family data. His efforts, in obtaining this information were considerable. His generosity in passing this on for reproduction in this tree is greatly appreciated. BACK TO TOP
DEDICOTT's and COTT's from Lacock, Wiltshire to SCOTT's in New Zealand and USA.
NOTE: GEORGE SCOTT (COTT) b 1828, LACOCK, WILTSHIRE, IS IN THE NAME INDEX OF THE SCOTT FAMILIES TREE AS "GEORGE COTT alias SCOTT". George Scott (Cott) and his partner Elizabeth (nee Vickers) arrived at Port Lyttelton (Christchurch, New Zealand) in December 1865 on the sailing ship "Blue Jacket". George as a steward on the ship and Elizabeth traveling as his wife. Both using the surname COTT. Shortly after arriving in New Zealand they changed their surname to SCOTT. The evidence to support this statement is set out in the notes for GEORGE COTT-SCOTT and ELIZABETH VICKERS in the Scott Families Tree. Also more recently DNA research through Ancestry.com has shown this to be a proven fact. GEORGE COTT was born Lacock, Wiltshire, England 1828. He was the son of Thomas Cott and Mary Humphries. Thomas, born Lacock, had a father and grandfather named Peter Cott, both born in Lacock, Wiltshire. Thomas's great grandfather. also born Lacock, was named Peter DEDICOTT. The name changed to COTT from the naming of his son Peter. Peter DEDICOTT and the two Peter COTT's were respected carpenters/cabinetmakers in Lacock and have been recorded in Lacock Archives as having done work for the Talbot estate of Lacock Abbey. We have viewed an earlier edition of "Lacock Unlocked" and an article headed "The Gale Family" and "LACOCK CARPENTERS THROUGH THE CENTURIES" which states the following - We have records from before John Gale’s time of carpentry and masonry in Lacock from the 17th and 18th century. Seemingly the most prominent carpenter in the Lacock estate in the 18th century was a man called Peter Cott: he and his son William, as well as someone called John Cott, presented countless bills to John Talbot over many decades showing that they were doing a lot of carpentrywork across the estate. The Cott family were also known as the Dedicott family throughout the 18thcentury, and we not only have many bills showing what work the family did for the Lacock estate but also many leases and other legal documents which are just as useful in showing us what members of the family did for a living, where they lived (and, therefore, often where their businesses were based) and also how wealthy they were. A new "Lacock Unlocked"can be viewed by go to "Google" and typing "Lackock Unlocked". The name changed again when Thomas Cott's son George, and partner, Elizabeth Vickers, came to New Zealand and changed their surname to SCOTT. In addition George Cott's son, George Litson Cott (from George snr. first marriage) emigrated to USA and also changed his name from COTT to SCOTT. . Thomas Cott died when George was age six. At age 22 George Cott was Innkeeper of the Half Moon Public House, Holloway, Lyncombe and Widcombe, near Bath, Somerset. In 1850, George age 22, married Frances Litson who was twelve year older than George. They had two children, the first born 6-7 months following the marriage. For reasons we can only guess, George and Frances separated with George going to sea and making a number of voyages, some records showing him as a ship steward. In 1858 George illegally married Emily Huxtable in Sydney and subsequently received three months jail for his indiscretion. Evidence as presented in his notes in this tree shows that in 1865 he partnered ELIZABETH VICKERS and they settled in Christchurch, New Zealand under the name SCOTT. They had six children but George died suddenly in 1877, age 49. At the time of his death the oldest child was eleven. ELIZABETH VICKERS was born in Kettering, Northamptshire. Daughter of Robert and Ruth (nee Coleman). Elizabeth's death certificate states that she was married in Christchurch but there is no official record of this marriage. It seems likely that George COTT-SCOTT and ELIZABETH VICKERS were never married because George was never divorced from his first wife and had already received one prison sentence for bigamy. ELIZABETH VICKERS Will gave a clue to her place of birth and parents. Someone had written on the will that she had been born in Kettering. A probable family was discovered by searching Census records but the final piece of proof to confirm it was the correct family was missing. The link to prove we had located the correct family was discovered through a name and address that Elizabeth's grandson, HENRY VICKERS HULL had written in a diary he had in his possession when he was killed in WW1. The circumstances around this make very interesting reading. For this go to the following link. <"https://www.tribalpages.com/tribe/b rowse?userid=amscott&view=0&pid=2585&ver=57796"> IMPORTANT NEW DNA RESEARCH New DNA research, conducted January 2019, through Ancestry.com, has confirmed a DNA link between the family of Mary Humphries and the administrator of this tree. Mary Humphries, b 1796, married Thomas Cott b 1798. Their son George COTT (SCOTT), b 1828, emigrated to New Zealand and partnered Elizabeth Vickers. We also have links between New Zealand descendants of George COTT (SCOTT) and descendants of his first son who emigrated to the USA. Here again this proves we have the correct family and ancestors as found in earlier research. On the Vickers side we have a DNA link between Elizabeth's sister Sarah's descendants and the administrator of this tree which confirms our Vickers family research. All these DNA matches and links confirms earlier research done by the administrator of this tree, and associates. These links further prove that George Cott b 1828, Lacock, Wiltshire, and, in this tree as George COTT alias SCOTT, is indeed the person who changed his name from COTT to SCOTT after coming to Christchurch, New Zealand in 1865, and partnered Elizabeth Vickers. Further information can be obtained from the administrator of this site. DESCENDANTS OF GEORGE COTT-SCOTT & ELIZABETH VICKERS George and Elizabeth had six children. The first born was EMILY ELIZABETH, 1st June 1866. Her mother, Elizabeth, was admitted to Christchurch Hospital 1st May under the surname of SCOTT and discharged 19th June under the same name. EMILY was registered at birth as Emily COTT and her father was listed as George COTT a ships steward. EMILY SCOTT (COTT) married OCTAVIUS HOMES. MARY RUTH SCOTT was the second born in 1868 and her father is shown on the birth certificate as George SCOTT a waiter. Mary married Arthur Harris. The other children were, ALFRED VICKERS SCOTT who married GRACE WOOLCOCK, grandparents of the administrator of this site. SARAH SCOTT who married SAMUEL JOHN HULL. ELIZA SCOTT who married JOHN GEORGE BALL and GEORGE LITSON SCOTT who married MARY BEATRICE MILLS. Unfortunately ELIZA SCOTT died following child birth in 1901. Also her sister SARAH's husband, SAMUEL JOHN HULL, died in 1903. SARAH re-married to her sister ELIZA's husband JOHN GEORGE BALL and raised a total of eight children from the two marriages. Families in New Zealand that are descended from the GEORGE COTT-SCOTT and ELIZABETH VICKERS partnership include the following - BALL, HOMES, HAYWARD, HARRIS, HULL, and SCOTT. GEORGE COTT & FRANCES LITSON : MARRIAGE There were two children from this marriage. GEORGE LITSON COTT born 1851, Bath, Somerset, England, emigrated to the USA where he used the surname SCOTT. FRANCES MARY COTT married JAMES GOOD in England. Available details of their families are in the Scott Families Tree. Link to individual page for GEORGE COTT alias SCOTT http://amscott.tribalpages.com/tribe/browselastname=Cott+alias+Scott&pid=124&gend er=male&userid=amscott&view=0&bview=22 Link to individual page for ELIZABETH VICKERS http://a mscott.tribalpages.com/tribe/browselastname=Vickers&pid=415&gender=male&userid=a mscott&view=0&bview=22 BACK TO TOP
The New Zealand UNWIN's in this tree come from two branches with the common ancestors Thomas Unwin born 1700, Coggeshall, Essex, England, and his wife Elizabeth Jordan. One branch through Branston Unwin (jnr) settled in Christchurch, and the other, as the result of three brothers, William Howard, Sidney and Cyril Unwin, coming to live in the Timaru, South Canterbury area. The branches are as follows. - For Branston Unwin (jnr): - Thomas Unwin b 1700/Elizabeth Jordan B 1708 > Jordan Unwin b 1735 > Stephen Unwin b 1777 . Branston Unwin (snr) b 1808 > Branston Unwin (jnr) b 1838. The South Canterbury Unwin's also start with Thomas Unwin b 1700/Elizabeth Jordan b 1708 > Stephen Clothier Unwin b 1742 > Fisher Unwin b 1776 > Jacob Unwin b 1802 > Edward Unwin b 1840 > the Unwin brothers, William Howard (Dr) b 1871/ Sidney b 1873/Cyril b 1878. UNWIN's IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA & CHRISTCHURCH, NZ. BRANSTON UNWIN born Coggeshall, Essex, and family, emigrated to Australia, arriving 1841. He selected a block of land near Walkerville (now part of Adelaide, South Australia) and was involved with horticulture. He was one of the earliest makers of wine in the area. He had two son's, BRANSTON and FREDERICK FISHER. The latter conducted the State School in Walkerville and later at Maitland. For information about FREDERICK FISHER UNWIN and the history of the Walkerville schools please go to the photo's album covering this subject. BRANSTON (Jnr) was the champion swimmer of the district. He moved to Christchurch, New Zealand by 1875 and his father followed in 1877. BRANSTON UNWIN (snr) is the brother of the Rev. WILLIAM JORDAN UNWIN who was the Principalof Homerton Congregational Church, London. UNWIN's IN TIMARU/SOUTH CANTERBURY, NZ Dr. WILLIAM HOWARD UNWIN, MRCS LRCP 1898, MB Lon 1899, FRCS 1901, BS Lon 1902, MD Regd Born London and partly educated in Germany. Served in WW1. Came to Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand, where in 1904 he was appointed Medical Superintendent of the Timaru Public Hospital. Dr Unwin was a keen mountaineer and the UNWIN Hut in the Mount Cook area of the South Island of New Zealand's Southern Alps region was the result of a bequest by him, and donations by his family and Alpine Club section members. Dr William Howard Unwin was one of Timaru's best known and respected citizens. SIDNEY UNWIN born 1873, and CYRIL UNWIN b 1878, both brothers of William Howard also came to New Zealand and settled in the South Canterbury area. SIDNEY, CYRIL and WILLIAM HOWARD were brothers of the British publisher Sir STANLEY UNWIN. A daughter of CYRIL was DIANA MARY UNWIN born Orari, South Canterbury 1923. She died July 2014. Mark Beehre in his excellent article "In Search of Peace", covering DIANA's life, described her as a peace campaigner, feminist, philanthropist, human rights advocate. Mark's article about DIANA is well worth reading - <"https://www.victoria.ac.nz/sog/researchcentres/chair-in-restorative- justice/images/Diana-Unwin-Biography.pdf"> The UNWIN family of Essex, in the SCOTT FAMILIES TREE, has been traced back to THOMAS UNWIN born Steeple Bumstead about 1475. The UNWIN (or Onwhynne) name is of Flemish origin and by the 1600's had been established in Essex for several generations. Several names appear in the tree that are interesting historically. These include, MORLEY UNWIN and his wife MARY (nee CAWTHORNE) who were friends of the poet, William Cowper. Also their son, WILLIAM CAWTHORNE UNWIN. <"https://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Mary_Unwin"> REV. WILIAM JORDAN UNWIN, Principal of Homerton Congregational College, London and his son, Professor WILLIAM CAWTHORNE UNWIN, a civil and mechanical engineer noted for his work on hydraulics and engines. <"http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/William_Cawthorne_Unwin"> Sir STANLEY UNWIN and his son, RAYNER UNWIN. Sir STANLEY UNWIN was a British publisher. Founder of the George Allan and Unwin publishing house in 1914. His son RAYNER UNWIN, age 10, wrote a report on the manuscript for J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" that was responsible for Sir Stanley publishing the book. Sir Stanley requested Tolkien write a sequel which resulted in "The Lord of the Rings". HOWARD UNWIN MOFFAT who served as second premier of Southern Rhodesia. HOWARD UNWIN MOFFAT was the third great grandson of THOMAS UNWIN B 1700. http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Howard_Unwin_Moffat NONCONFORMIST CHAPELS (Independents) - UNWIN's of Coggeshall, Essex, England. (Information from various sources including Wikipedia, English Potter Extracts, Nonconformist Chapels - The Independants.) In the 1600's there was a growth of Evangelical Religion with a number of small Independent Church's and Chapels springing up throughout Essex. The severity of the Acts of King Charles 2nd did much to increase nonconformity. The first independent place of worship in Coggeshall, Essex, was a converted barn in East St., put to use in 1672. In 1710 a permanent chapel was built on Stoneham St; for "Protestant Dissenters" from the Church of England commonly called Independents. By 1716 there were 700 hearers including some of the wealthiest and influential people from the local area. In 1834 the chapel was enlarged and again in 1865.Today it continues to be part of the United Reformed Church and continues succession from its Congregational and Independent past. The modern Christ Church which meets in the building is now a Local Ecumenical Partnership, a new single congregation coming together from a union of the three village chapels in 1989 and uniting members from the Baptist Union, Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church. THE UNWIN FAMILY - Nonconformists. The Unwin family and families into which the Unwin's married played a big part in the Coggeshall Independent Church in the 1700's and 1800's. Among trustees appointed in 1727 were Thomas and John Buxton, Robert Salmon and John Willsher. On the 16th October 1765 the following were appointed as new trustees - Robert Salmon snr., Thomas Unwin snr., William Unwin snr., Thomas Unwin jnr., and William Unwin jnr. On the 13th May 1777 the following were among trustees appointed for the meeting house property - Fisher Unwin, Jordan Unwin, Stephen Unwin, George Willshire, Thomas Willshire. The next appointment of new trustees was dated 24th September 1802. They included Stephen Unwin, Thomas jnr., Jordan Unwin and Thomas Willshire jnr. On 30th August 1843 the following were among those appointed trustees - Fisher Unwin Patterson, Jordan Unwin, Stephen Unwin snr; Stephen Unwin jnr; Jacob Unwin. The last appointment of trustees was dated 17th August 1884 when 24 of the leading members of the congregation were elected. USEFUL LINKS History House - Coggeshall, Essex. http://www.historyhouse.co .uk/placeL/essexl31.html" Internet Archives - Notes on the UNWIN FAMILY <"https://archive.org/stream/notesonunwinfami00unwi/notesonunwinfami00unwi_djvu.txt"> BACK TO TOP
BLOMFIELD's from Essex & Suffolk.
The first BLOMFIELD recorded in The Scott Families Tree is JOHN BLOMFIELD born 1511, Bury Street, Edmunds, Suffolk, England. A fifth great grand daughter, MARY BLOMFIELD, born about 1745, Dedham, Essex, married JOSEPH BRANSTON. A daughter SARAH BRANSTON, born 1781, Dedham or Coggeshall, married STEPHEN UNWIN. Hence the link in The Scott Families Tree between the BLOMFIELD/BRANSTON/UNWIN families. All three families were religious nonconformists in Essex in the 1600 & 1700's. They were involved in the independent Chapel's and Church's set up at that time. (see Unwin's section on this page). BLOMFIELD's descendant's in New Zealand who are of note are - CHARLES BOLMFIELD, artist, decorator and music teacher. Charles painted the famous "Pink & White Terraces", Rotomahana, before their destruction in the Mount Tarawera eruption, 1886. He also pained numerous other landscapes. http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/biographies/2b28/blomfield-Charles http://www.aucklandartgallery.com/the-collection/browse-artists/557/charles- blomfield WILLIAM BLOMFIELD - A local politician and cartoonist. http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/biographies/4b41/blomfield-William MAYNELL STRATHMORE BLOMFIELD (LOFTY) - Professional heavy weight wrestling champion in the period 1930-1950's. He once wrestled a draw for the world title. http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/biographies/4b40/blomfield-meynell- strathmore http://www.nzhalloffame.co.nz/Inductees/B/Lofty-Blomfield.aspx The following link is excellent for BLOMFIELD information - http://historyandmy stery.homestead.com/blomfielddata.html MORE BLOMFIELD INFORMATION Ian Martyn, a family member of The Scott Families Tree is the founding member of Medals Reunited - Medals Reunited New Zealand © http://medalsreunitednz.co.nz/" Ian has written a very interesting story about Blomfields in New Zealand and how he was able to return a medal originally presented to Laurence Frederick Blomfield to his 96 year old daughter. To read this story, click on the following link - <"https://medalsreunitednz.co.nz/laurence-frederick-blomfield-auckland-marine-engineers-ww1-medal-reunited-with-his-96-year-old-daughter/">
GOING's from Buckinghamshire.
THOMAS GOING born 1831, Wavendon, Buckinghamshire, England, emigrated to New Zealand on the sailing ship "Castle Eden", arriving February 1851. The "Castle Eden" was the fifth ship to arrive at Port Lyttelton in the Church of England's organized first settlement of Christchurch. He was followed in 1855 by his parents, William and Susannah and brothers George and John. Thomas and George married sisters, Eleanor and Catherine Downey. John married Catherine Dillon who emigrated from Galway, Ireland on the ship "Ramsey" arriving at Port Lyttelton, June 1870. A daughter of John and Catherine, Mary Martina Going married Frederick Branston Unwin in Christchurch in 1895. Two of Thomas Going's son's Thomas and Charles married sister's Mary and Catherine Garvin from a County Londonderry Ireland family which also has another connection in the Scott Families Tree when James Alexander Scott (uncle of James Alexander Scott born 1894 who emigrated to New Zealand (1926) married Mary Isobella Garvin of Bellagherty, County Londonderry, Ireland, daughter of Suffern Garvin.
WOOLCOCK/WHITE/RODDA/OATS/GRENFIELD Families from Cornwall and Devon
Cornish emigration was caused by a number of factors. Mainly economic, and in particular, lack of work in the 18th and 19th centuries. During this period many Cornish people migrated to other parts of the world in search of a better life. Many miners sought the opportunity to find work abroad, due to the decline of the tin and copper mining industries in Cornwall. Cornwall Imigration & Emmigration <"https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/Cornwall_Emigration_and_Immigration"> JOHN WOOLCOCK and his wife, MARY ANN (nee WHITE) and seven children set out for New Zealand from Cornwall in the sailing ship "Marlborough" in 1878. They arrived at Port Lyttelton (Port for Christchurch) the following year. The family mostly lived in the suburb of Sydenham with several houses in Kingsley Street having Woolcock residents. Families into which John and Mary Ann's children married include the following - DENNIS, FRENCH, GOLLAN, PHILLIPS, SANFORD, SCOTT, WHITE (Australia). A son JOHN, unfortunately died age 18 in New Zealand. MY STORY ABOUT AUNTIE EVA and UNCLE JIM <"https://www.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=amscott&view=0&pid=4585&randi=708077960"> BACK TO TOP INTERESTING LINKS REMEMBERING OUR ANCESTORS PART IN WORLD WAR ONE "https://www.tribalpages.com/t ribe/browse?userid=amscott&view=78&ver=54291&storyid=80286"> A link to a New Zealand site concerning war medals to be reunited - Medals Reunited New Zealand © http://medalsreunitednz.co.nz/" The founder of MEDALS REUNITED NEW ZEALAND (R) is Ian Dennis Martyn, JP, a g.g grandson of John & Mary Ann Woolcock. Also a g.g. grandson of George & Mary Ann Dennis. Families that are included in The Scott Families Tree. CYCLOPEDIA OF NEW ZEALAND http://nzetc.victoria.ac.nz/tm/scholarly/tei-corpus-cyclopedia.html
"ANCESTORS" If you could see your ancestors All standing in a row. Would you be proud of them or not Or don't you really know? Some strange discoveries are made in climbing family trees And some of them you know Do not particularly please. If you could see your ancestors All standing in a row. There are some of them perhaps; You wouldn't care to know. But there is another question Which requires a different view, If you could see your ancestors, Would they be proud of you. Author: ANON
(photo's taken by the webmaster of the Scott Families Tree, and his wife, while visiting Ohinetahi, 28th March 2018)
Click on links for historical information about Ohinetahi. <"https://ohinetahi.co.nz/"> <"https://www.g ardenstovisit.co.nz/private-gardens/ohinetahi.aspx">
Alan's garden, 14 Eglinton St., Christchurch, NZ, between 1998 - 2010. Gone following 2010 earthquakes.
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